26 April 2008

Extremely compact but highly productive

TruLaser 2030The new TruLaser 2030 was engineered to be an off the shelf automated machine that perfectly synchronises the laser resonator, cutting process and automated material handling. Its integral load and unload provides a compact and highly productive flexible manufacturing cell.


Appearing for the first time in the UK is the larger format model of this flat bed laser with the high powered 3.2kW TruCoax laser that delivers exceptional beam quality. This is a compact and highly durable laser whose high-frequency excitation requires minimal gas consumption by comparison with direct current excitation. Thanks to its magnetic turbo radial blowers the laser also requires little maintenance.
To start production the vacuum frame of the TruLaser 2030 lifts the blank sheet from the loading station, moves it onto the workstation and places it on the cutting table. The frame then leaves the work area and prepares the next blank for processing. At the end of the production cycle and unloading forks remove the finished parts including any sheet skeletons.

Other key features of the TruLaser 2030 include a moving enclosure that provides safe operation with easy access to the processing area. The machine is available in two working area sizes allowing fabricators to use the material size that best fits their needs. The options are 3m x 1.25m or 3m x 1.5m; Z axis is 115mm. The TruLaser 2030 accommodates a maximum sheet thickness of 12mm.

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