1 May 2008

Smart, Precise, Profitable Press Brakes - all at the touch of a button

The Bystronic Beyeler Xpert press brake was one of two press brakes shown on the MACH stand for the first time.  Launched at the end of last year it is said to deliver the highest repetition accuracy on the market.

The Beyeler Xpert is equipped with the world’s most comprehensive database which is based on DIN and Hämmerle data and is simple to expand with data for new parts and materials.  The user has complete freedom when processing his orders.   He can utilise his own experience to select between a fully automatic bending process and the manual input of the individual process steps.   In addition, the knowledge gained from Bystronic cutting machines can also be transferred to the bending process, for example the application of microtabs and bend relief cuts.  This knowledge can be implemented easily on the Byeler Xpert control.  The programming platform provides the facility to run parallel processes between the laser cutting machine and the press brake.

It is the only press brake that produces zero angle error itself and  is said to deliver the highest level of repetition accuracy on the market.  This results in increased productivity and is reflected in the fact that part optimisation is reduced to a minimum.

The Beyeler Xpert automatically calculates how differences between the target value and the actual value are to be corrected resulting in positioning accuracy of four thousandths of a millimetre. This precision guarantees the same angle and leg length each time.  All parts are bent with the greatest precision and every angle produced is correct.

These accurate bending results are achieved at the touch of a single button.  The bending sequence and the positioning of the backstops are determined, the tool plan is created and the process data is generated – all automatically.  The open control allows the operator to change all the calculations individually. 

The programming on the Beyeler Xpert is simple.  It takes just six mouse clicks to get from the 3D data file to the 3D part.  Furthermore, numerical inputs can be made directly on the machine negating the need for an additional PC.

Ease of operator use is guaranteed by the simple and intuitive menu guidance on the operating panel which also incorporates every single operating element, and the hydraulic dynamic sheet support developed by Bystronic.  This can be moved via a pivot point and an H axis, which effectively prevents counter-bends and increases the bend quality to a maximum.

All major tool styles are supported by the comprehensive database and can be used on this press brake thereby reducing tooling costs.  The fully automatic parameterisation and the optimally controlled workflow ensure wear of the machine is reduced resulting in reduced maintenance work and costs.  Furthermore installation time is reduced significantly due to the automatic adjustment of the control.  Remote diagnostics ensure machine downtime is kept to a minimum, service visits can be rapidly and selectively planned.

Bystronic UK Limited, Maple Park, Lowfields Avenue, Leeds, UK, LS12 6HH

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