1 May 2008

ByJet Pro Precision waterjet cutting system for unmatched productivity

Launched at the end of last year, the Bystronic ByJet Pro waterjet cutting system was on show in the UK for the first time at MACH 2008.  It is Bystronic’s latest waterjet cutting system to meet the stringent demands in parts production without causing thermal effects in the material.

The system on show will be equipped with four independently driven slim-line cutting heads each with its own Z axis control, independent height sensing facility and CNC controlled head centre spacing. This, when combined with the shuttle table concept, dual pump layout, positioning/cutting speeds and axes dynamics, is said to be able to produce up to five times as many parts per hour than a conventional waterjet cutting machine.

Efficient programming with Bysoft and the control and monitoring of the cutting process using Bystronic’s own CNC control ByVision, ensures that non-productive, or non-cutting time, is kept to a minimum whilst maintaining high levels of material utilisation.  Moreover, the simple and intuitive menu guidance via a touch screen increases accuracy even further.  Numerous setting and cutting processes can be automated using ByVision and thanks to the integration of an automatic scraper conveyor system for continuous sludge removal, productivity is again increased.  The automatic process control also ensures fault-free, lightly manned operation of the system.

The ByJet Pro is available in a range of configurations and is tailored precisely to suit the customer’s specific production requirements.  From single-item production to large batch runs, all orders across a nearly unlimited range of materials can be produced cost-effectively.  The number of cutting heads used can be selected according to the part geometries.  Large parts are cut using a single cutting head, while a large number of small parts are cut quickly using all four heads.  With an optional rotary axis, round and profile tubes can also be processed.

The high quality construction of the machine ensures lasting precision and longevity of the machine.  The single piece, stable machine frame, the secure fixing of the material with the aid of the mechanical clamping system, the HPT cutting heads, the dynamic cutting valves and the height scanner with collision sensor, as well as the pump with constant, linear and infinitely adjustable pressure, are the basis for the extremely accurate and precise cutting results.
The unique design of the ByJet Pro in not only reliable but also saves space; so important for those workshops with limited floor area available. It also guarantees a clean and low-noise working environment.  This is achieved firstly by the new enclosure system for the machine which reduces the noise, contains the process and keeps the unproductive safety areas to a minimum, and secondly by the integrated rinsing device in the machine’s frame which automatically cleans the shuttle table and the cut parts. 

The latest technology guarantees even greater productivity and accuracy. Precise CNC control of the abrasive metering ensures the exact amount of abrasive is being used at all times. This facility also allows for accurate and neat part making or surface engraving during the machining cycle. Monitoring and operator information feed back is also a standard feature on the ByVision control. Over 20 monitoring positions are in place for each of the two high pressure pumps on display (each pump delivers maximum power and pressure to a pair of cutting heads), and duty cycles and process hours of the consumables are also clearly displayed on the operator panel.

Piercing of laminated or delicate materials is achieved with independent drill units mounted on the machines head carriage. However, even with these extra drill units in place, the minimum head centre distance achievable is only 220mm.

The ByJet Pro offers the very latest in productive and flexible waterjet cutting technology – performance at its very best: “productive, multifunctional, precise and clever”!


Bystronic UK Limited, Maple Park, Lowfields Avenue, Leeds, UK, LS12 6HH

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