1 May 2008

Byspeed 3015 laser system equipped with ByTrans automation

The highly successful and quick Byspeed 3015 laser system on show at MACH is equipped with a powerful 5.2 kW resonator together with the new ByTrans automatic load/unload system is capable of loading/unloading automatically up to 25 mm mild steel as well as all non ferrous materials.

The ByTrans has been specifically designed for those companies that produce predominately medium to large size batches with a limited selection of raw materials.  It is a portal solution providing vibration free handling of the cut sheets and the choice of model is dependent on individual requirements and space constraints.  ByTrans is fast and well priced.   Production is said to increase by up to 50 per cent when a laser is equipped with ByTrans with typically only an extra 20 per cent investment.

ByTrans is always faster than the shortest cutting plan, loading and unloading using ByTrans takes just 60 seconds, regardless of sheet thickness.  Therefore the laser cutting machine never has to wait while the cut sheet is being unloaded!  As a result of this short cycle time users can take full advantage of the laser’s maximum cutting availability and reduce delivery times.  The end result is more salse per square metre of installation surface.

ByTrans offers complete accessibility and optimal operation in the smallest of areas, as well as unlimited loading/unloading capabilities across the entire spectrum of sheet thickness. The large numbers of suction pads ensure that all standard sheet formats can be processed.  The system is flexible and can be easily integrated into existing material flow processes.  Raw materials, including the wooden pallet, can be loading onto ByTrans using a forklift or overhead crane and film-coated metal sheets can be easily separated with the aid of a blowing separator function.

During the development of the ByTrans great emphasis was placed on its ease of use and simple operation.  The result is an encapsulated unit in which the raw material is placed in a cassette as opposed to being placed on a separate carriage.  This cassette is an integral part of the ByTrans unit.  This encapsulation ensures the number of light curtains and barriers is reduced and free access, even to the shuttle table, is guaranteed.

Operation of the ByTrans is integrated in the ByVision high-performance control software and can be conveniently and efficiently operated from a single operating terminal.

The new ByTrans provides the user with considerably higher utilisation of the entire laser cutting system for only a small increase in the investment cost.  In real terms this means that with  the addition of ByTrans to a laser cutting system order, the investment required is only approximately an extra 20 per cent whilst the utilisation of the laser can be increase by 50 per cent.  Payback time of the machine is therefore much quicker.

One of the reasons for this is that the machine is capable of running over a three shift production programme.  Lightly-manned production can be achieved simply and cost-effectively with the addition of ByTrans and as one operator can supervise several machines at one time, labour costs are also reduced significantly.

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