1 May 2008

Flexible and productive punching

As well as its own products Bystronic UK Limited also supplies, in the UK, the Pullmax range of punching machines.

Flexibility, increased efficiency and the highest level of precision for punching are provided by the latest Pullmax punching machines and the Pullmatic 520 FC is the perfect illustration of this.  Not only does the customer get a punching machine when he invests in this machine he also gets the opportunity of turning it into a press brake, making it possible to finish complex parts in one set-up. 

The punching and profiling machine on show displays this new feature, which has been develope can be bent making the machine more versatile and allowing increased profits per part.  The machine is also equipped with a materials handling system  (FC) for the automatic loading and unloading of sheets for lights out or un-supervised operation. Furthermore,the Pullmatic on show is equipped with an automatic tapping unit.

The Pullmatic 520 punching machine is a highly productive machine for sheet metal up to 8 mm in thickness. It is characterised by its speed, low noise, a quick and easy set-up, an efficient tooling concept and the latest Fanuc control system.  A fully programmable Hydraulic stroke ensures maximized forming capacity and versatility. A hydraulic head also generally offer a much faster performance on thin gauge material.

The machine has a working area which allows 2500 x 1250 mm sheet to be worked without re-positioning.  Automatic re-positioning is nevertheless included.

The positioning speed is 100 m/min in the X axis and 80 m/min in the Y axes.  This gives a real speed of the work piece of up to 128m/min.  The punching force is 220kN and the hit rate is up to 1200 hpm (marking).   The acceleration is just as important as the top speed for production times.  The Pullmatic 520 accelerates at up to a maximum of 24m/s².

As standard, the machine features the Pullmax patented tool change system that has made the Pullmax machinery so flexible.  A rotating punch head makes all tools indexable at a speed of 80 rpm.  The tool changer now features a 20 station magazine that holds tools all with a maximum size of 90 mm diameter (previously the largest tool size available was 75 mm) thus ensuring a high degree of flexibility, and, optimal use of the machine and the sheet format used.  Such tool sizes allows for longer slitting tools and reduced straight line and radius profiling production times.
In addition each multitool can have 5 or 10 different tools up to 16 mm diameter, all tools in the multitool can also be programmed at any angle just as the single tools.  This therefore means that that up to 200 tools are available and indexable.  Tool changing times are exceptionally quick ranging from 1 to 5 seconds and this has boosted productivity significantly.

Pullmax’s vast experience in automated systems also features within the new range.  Access around the tooling system has been increased, allowing optimum use of part picking devices.  This height also allows forming with a maximum height of 75mm.

The Pullmax sheet loader is designed to provide maximum efficiency and operator safety. The loader consists of a carriage with AC-servo control. Standard features include air-knife for sheet separation, corner lift cup to minimize double sheet pick-up and double sheet detection. The vacuum cup system also automatically switches cups on and off depending on blank size through the CNC control.

The unload system can handle both punched nested parts and material skeletons in a reliable way, without any scratches or damages at the material. There are grip positions where four material clamps grip the skeleton and pull it out on top of the brush covered jalousie table. The skeleton will be released and lowered down on pallet systems or directly on skids. The system allows for integration of automatic pallet changing, where punched nested parts and skeletons can be stored in to customized storage systems with unmanned production.

The Fanuc windows based 160iBP control system has been specifically designed for sheet fabrication and features energy saving servo drives, fiber optics and a touch screen for user-friendly interfacing to the machine.  Other standard control features are, automatic tool management and job scheduling, ethernet network ready and integrated diagnostics.

Bystronic UK Limited, Maple Park, Lowfields Avenue, Leeds, UK, LS12 6HH

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