6 May 2008

Aerotech's new SolarScribe provides the answer for high throughput photovoltaic scribing

High performance, direct-drive positioning and motion systems will maximise production and lower costs for photovoltaic and flat panel display scribing processes.

New range includes a choice of bearing technologies, configurations and additional components to match customer budget and application specification.
Aldermaston - UK, April 2008: Aerotech has launched a new range of high precision electromechanical automation systems for laser scribing photovoltaic panels and flat panel displays. With travel up to 2.5 m, speeds to 3 m/sec and acceleration to 5 g, the SolarScribe features high performance direct-drive linear motor technology for maximum production throughput and for complete application flexibility includes a choice of air bearing and mechanical bearing systems in split axis or gantry configurations to match the customers' performance and budget requirements.  The range is supplied complete with Aerotech's advanced Automation A3200 motion and machine control system that features dedicated commands such as PSO which adjust the customer's laser pulse frequency to precisely match scribing speed and dynamic position - optimising quality, and further boosting throughput performance.

Each SolarScribe includes an integrated cable management system and to enable even higher production yields, Aerotech can add multiple scanning and/or step axes, vertical and rotary correction axes along with machine base/isolation systems, and control enclosures.
SolarScribe mechanical systems offer a choice of positioning accuracy, resolution, straightness and flatness to match the specific requirements of the PV or FPD application. For highest geometry performance, the SA series use preloaded air bearing technology in a split axis configuration. The lower scan axis is firmly fixed to an isolated granite machine base and the upper step axis arranged as a gantry above. It is possible to include multi head step axes using the same linear motor rail. The SA series can be supplied in a 1500 mm x 2500 mm travel configuration with maximum speed to 2 m/sec and acceleration to 1.5g with accuracy beyond 0.1μm per 25 mm and repeatability to > 0.5 μm. Straightness and flatness are equally impressive. These specifications combine for excellent line-to-line straightness to < 2 μm deviation between lines.

The gantry style GM series includes linear motion guide bearings with twin driven lower axes supporting the upper gantry and offers higher speed and acceleration performance with slightly less geometric accuracy than the SA. The complete range also covers GA series with air bearings on gantry and the SM series with split axes using linear motion guide bearings.

Aerotech's A3200 Digital Automation Platform is software based motion and machine controller that makes full use of the high speed IEEE-1394 (FirewireR) network for PCs to synchronise multi-axis motion control with fully integrated modules for HMI, machine vision and soft PLC functions., Up to 32 servo axes can be controlled simultaneously with non-deterministic position, time and velocity updates sent to each servo drive and processed locally to enable 20 Khz position, velocity and current loops to ensure maximum performance.

Aerotech have developed a number of commands that augment application specific performance with advanced trajectory generation commands such as multi-block look ahead and Position Synchronized Laser Firing Output (PSO) helping customers to realise higher accuracies, higher speeds and much improved production performance. These features combine to give customers a low cost of ownership and help to reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality.

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