8 May 2008

Waterjet on show sold!

Michael Merkle, head of Bystronic’s waterjet division, Paul Staniforth of Access Engineering, Mark Thornhill of Access Engineering and Dave Larcombe, managing director of Bystronic UK Limited.The ByJet Pro waterjet system shown by Bystronic UK Limited at MACH 2008 was been ordered by Access Engineering at an investment value in excess of £350,000.00.  It will be the first machine of its type to be commissioned in the UK.

Established over 20 years ago, Access Engineering provides a full sub-contract facility, including waterjet cutting, to a wide range of industries, in a wide range of materials including aluminium.  The company’s biggest and most prestigious project to date is over £1M of high quality assemblies used in the recent refurbishment of St Pancras International Station.  This 15-month project entailed the waterjet cutting of many of the key components.

Mark Thornhill, the company’s managing director takes up the story: “In an ever demanding and increasingly competitive market we believe there is room for Access Engineering to further enhance its reputation and position as one of the leading waterjet sub-contract job shops in the country.  One of the ways for the company to do this is by investing in the latest, most up-to-date technology.

“We wanted to invest in a waterjet system, capable of handling higher volume parts, from a well established supplier who was well placed within the waterjet market and whose reputation is known throughout the industry.  The machine we would eventually choose had to be capable of putting Access Engineering at the forefront of what is achievable in terms of accuracy, consistency and speed.  In addition, the chosen supplier not only had to offer machine build quality but also an after-sales package to match.”
Access Engineering looked at a number of machines on the market and carried out bench mark testing.
Mr Thornhill continues:  “When looking for a machine we wanted something that would prove reliable in a demanding environment with maximum production up-time, minimum machine down-time.  From several machines we looked at, the ByJet Pro really did stand out from all the rest.  With its four cutting heads and shuttle table the waterjet achieved much quicker cycle times without compromising quality.  It is the first time we have seen a machine built with such emphasis on production and accuracy and we have already identified several clients needs which until now could not be satisfied with commercial waterjet cutting as the quality and cost could not be achieved.  The ByJet Pro will be the only machine we have with a shuttle table and this will result huge costs savings for our customers as the load/unload time is eliminated.

“Until now carbon fibres and composites have proven difficult to prosess mainly due to delaminating when piercing.  The ByJet Pro compensates for this by pre-drilling the material.  This feature alone will open up new market sectors to us and solve many problems for our existing customers.  Another feature which is causing excitement amongst our customers is the ByJet Pro’s ability to etch - within most industries identification and traceability are paramount.”

Mr Thornhill concluded: “Access Engineering sees the ByJet Pro as the next generation of waterjet cutting systems and, when combined with its’ many years of experience in the industry, the company is well positioned to become the UK’s number one waterjet cutting specialist.”

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