8 May 2008

Coherent delivers 100th Taipan in Europe

The Taipan from Coherent has now been available at the European entertainment market for just one year and now the 100th system has already been delivered in Europe. This success comes as no surprise: Coherent lasers are well-established in the market and are known for their high reliability and excellent service. The Taipan, for example, serves all well-known system integrators in this industry sector.

But what makes the Taipan indispensable for the entertainment industry and why do the key players choose this Coherent laser? Well, the Taipan has a unique position in the market as it is the only laser in the field that uses the OPSL technology. While other technologies struggle with large, complicated and susceptible assemblies or are unable to provide the required wavelength or output power, the OPSL technology enables the Taipan to offer both – the advantages of a compact architecture and available power configurations of up to 8 W at 532 nm (green), 5 W at 577 nm (true-yellow) and 2 W at 460 nm (blue). In addition to these standard wavelengths it is possible to setup any user-defined wavelength (and color) between 460 nm and 580 nm. The Taipan is only available as OEM head component but it is possible to buy a complete entertainment system from one of Coherent’s “certified integrators”. They incorporate the laser into their system and adopt the system for a light show. Coherent works in close cooperation with its certified integrators and makes sure that all lasers are integrated in a workmanlike manner.

Coherent would like to use this opportunity to thank its certified integrators for their excellent cooperation, because this big success would not have been possible without their great work. To continue this success story, Coherent is already working on the next generation of Taipan lasers. The prototype version of these lasers has already been successfully tested by some customers. For more information, please contact your nearest Coherent distributor or visit the Taipan pages on our website at

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