27 May 2008

Customer's machine displayed Bystronic capabilities

Bystronic UK Limited enjoyed one of its most successful MACH exhibitions with the introduction of five ‘New to MACH’ products, joint runner up prize at the MWP Awards and orders being placed!  However, a machine ordered by Sparta Limited prior to the exhibition ended up being one of the machines on show!

At MACH 2008 long term Bystronic user Sparta Limited placed an order for the Bystronic Byspeed 5.2kW laser cutting system which was on show. In contrast this year, due to unprecedented levels of demand for machines, the company agreed that a second Byspeed 5.2 kW which they purchased shortly before MACH could be used by Bystronic on the show stand! Sparta has also recently invested in a Bystar 6kW laser cutting system equipped with rotary axis. To date the company has invested in eight Bystronic laser cutting systems in total, representing an overall investment of in excess of £2.75M with Bystronic.

Stephen Davenport, the company’s managing director, comments: “Since the installation of the first Byspeed 5.2 kW machine a couple of years ago we have enjoyed a 25 per cent increase in capacity, speed and the thickness of material we are able to process.  The ability to cut thicker materials has given us that unique selling point and provided us with an extra dimension to the business.”


Image: Stephen Davenport, Managing Director, Sparta Limited and Stephen Rolfe, Sales Director, Bystronic UK Limited.

“These two latest systems actually replace three of our early, smaller Bystronic machines which have been excellent work horses and have provided thousands of hours of service.  Although we have replaced three with two, we have still increased our capacity thanks to the faster cutting speeds and increased automation incorporated on the latest generation machines.  Additionally, we have the benefit of increased floor space due to the machines’ smaller footprint.”

When it came to investing in the new equipment Sparta did not hesitate to order Bystronic again.

Mr Davenport continues: “The results we achieved with the first Byspeed 5.2 kW were phenomenal in terms of speed and accuracy.  On one particular job working with 6 mm mild steel our 4 kW laser is capable of cutting 2400 mm per minute.  This increased to 3500 mm per minute with the 5.2 kW resonator and with the 6 kW machine it is 4000 mm per minute, so in real terms we have halved the manufacturing time. The rotary axis gives us another unique selling point and adds to the already comprehensive list of services we offer.”
“Sparta’s reputation is based on the quality of products and service we provide our customers with and by ensuring lead-times are kept to a minimum and by investing in the latest technology we can be certain our reputation remains intact.”

Bystronic UK Limited, Maple Park, Lowfields Avenue, Leeds, UK, LS12 6HH

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