5 June 2008

Laser Intelligent Mark Positioning focuses on three key industries

The automotive, medical, and tool and die industries continually look at ways to improve their processes and quality of products and this is a perfect fit for IMP which was developed to offer our prospects a tool that meets (or exceeds) their manufacturing requirements.  Intelligent Mark Positioning was recently demonstrated at MACH2008 by Kaye-Dee and FOBA where visitors were able to see the new IMP integrated laser system
in action.

FOBA, North America has developed an integrated, through-the-lens vision system for the FOBA laser where part verification, mark content and laser control are performed under one platform.  IMP reduces set-up-time, simplifies focusing, eliminates waste parts due to misaligned marks, reduces the price of costly fixturing, offers superior accurate mark placement and reduces operator errors.

A simple user interface offers customers an easy to use single platform with all the functionality necessary to align a part with ultimate accuracy and precision. With the 3 step process you can set up a job in less than 20 minutes and changeover from one part to another in less than two. Create a job, create a layout which includes the position of the part and mark content and create a vision model to capture and identify a part.  This simple set up and quick change-over equals more production time.  Production part variations can be included in IMP tolerances by adjusting the tolerance levels that will ensure all parts are marked and reduce work.  Teaching IMP where to place the mark will help guarantee that your mark will be positioned and oriented in the correct location thus eliminating waste due to incorrect part marking.  With the programmable restricted search area IMP will search, align and mark with speed, optimising product throughput and IMP can auto-scale to fit bigger or smaller part sizes. This option ensures that parts that are slightly bigger or smaller will be marked and will minimise re-work. On screen measurement tools allow the operator to identify the x and y co-ordinates and measure the distance or angle anywhere within the field of view, very useful for measuring the accuracy and/or precision of the pattern marked on the part.  IMP's software has been developed to ensure accuracy and precision of your laser marking system and to help eliminate waste parts due to incorrect marking, Virtek has created a "Two mouse click" calibration feature that takes place in as little as two minutes and results in a truly integrated system.

With the patented IMP we have taken lasers to the next level offering customers their own competitive edge and generating confidence that FOBA, a Virtek company will continually offer them products that are innovative and of high quality. As UK and Ireland distributors for FOBA, Kaye-Dee Marking Solutions have over 30 years experience of supplying, supporting and servicing both pad printing equipment and laser marking systems.  With over 20 staff and on site manufacturing we are an ideal partner for all your marking, engraving and printing needs. We also distribute the high precision Swiss produced Teca-Print pad printers and quality printing inks from Ruco, Germany.

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