6 June 2008

LVD launches new ?CADMAN® Touch? press brake control system

LVD Company nv announces its latest development in press brake control technology ‘CADMAN Touch’. CADMAN Touch has been designed to simplify the ‘Art to Part’ process and minimize the operators input in order to achieve the correct bent part.

Superseding LVD’s most successful CADMAN® CNC control with over 2,500 units sold, CADMAN® Touch will be used on all PPEB and Easy-Form series press brakes. Employing the very latest in infrared touch screen technology running on a Windows® XP embedded PC based control unit, CADMAN® Touch combines the power of the latest generation CNC control with the speed and simplicity of a touch screen programming system.

CADMAN® Touch features an easy to use, intuitive user interface to minimize input to the control, allowing the user to move from drawing to completed part in fewer steps.  The highly reliable IR touch screen technology used by the CADMAN® Touch control is a robust industrial design, successfully used in other LVD bending and shearing equipment.

CADMAN® Touch works with LVD’s integrated ‘intelligent’ bending database and on board LVD CADMAN-B 3D (bending) software, creating and storing interactive integrated databases for bend allowance, angle corrections and spring-back.  These user-generated databases, created by actual bending results, are searched and applied each time a part program is generated enabling the control to ‘learn’ the optimal bending parameters for the given environment.  This automatic optimization of the part program eliminates trial bending, and reduces the time required to produce a quality part.

CADMAN® Touch has full integration compatibility with LVD’s CADMAN® suite of offline programming software, allowing for integrated offline process integration. The offline version of LVD CADMAN-B 3D (bending) software shares the control’s ‘live’ bending database enabling parts and programs to be developed offline using ‘real’ bending data, eliminating unwanted errors in the actual blank generation prior to bending, this assures that the correctly developed part is presented to the press brake first time and every time.

Press brakes equipped with the CADMAN® Touch control also feature a ‘jog’ button on the foot pedal, allowing the operator to ‘jog’ individual axes of the machine for fine adjustments.

CADMAN® Touch gives 3D graphical simulation of the bending solution, which can be viewed by the operator for part familiarization prior and during bending. CADMAN® Touch also enables operators see a graphical representation of the tool set up allowing for faster set up times. Programming directly at the control is also fast and easy, 2D part profiles can be easily generated directly via CADMAN® Touch’s intuitive icon driven programming system. CADMAN® Touch also permits 2D and 3D files to be input directly at the machines control, eliminating the need for offline simulation and programming.

Forming part of an integrated sheet metalworking solution CADMAN® Touch is fully network capable, allowing integration to workshop networks for program transfer backup as well as access to LVD’s Teleservice remote service system.

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