7 June 2008

Productivity Gains achieved at Laser Cutting Co. with new technology

Installation of new Dynamic Axis Flatbed with Auto loading facilities
The team at Laser Cutting headed up by Dee Wilde have a vision; to be a premier supplier of laser cut metal components to blue chip and OEM partners and have a massive ongoing investment plan which will see two new automatic loading machines installed during 2008.

New Trumpf 3530 installed
As part of a new ongoing investment plan through 2008 – 2010 The Laser Cutting Company are pleased to announce the arrival of a new dynamic axis, automatic on and off loading flat bed cutting system supplied by Trumpf. This brings the total of machines on the shop floor to seven, with a new works layout the multiple Trumpf flat beds create a synergy of systems and improve work flow throughout the factory. The massive benefit to our customers is that the dynamic axis machine is faster in its operation and with auto loading on and off it can be run using existing teams working on a 24 hour shift pattern. In essence more parts can be produced without a proportionate increase in cost of production – or in other words ‘more - for less’! More news about the second machine later in the year!

Roy Edwards - Laser Cutting Co.Roy Edwards, Laser Cutting’s Purchasing Manager said “It has been a busy 12 months at Laser – and I have enjoyed making purchasing gains which ultimately benefit our customers. This new machine will certainly give me a new challenge; purchasing the increased tonnage to support this new capacity, coupled with the volatility and increased prices expected in raw metal costs in this first quarter of 2008.

We are delighted to be achieving some of the most competitive ‘buy-in’ rates around which we use to support our blue chip customers in their drive for ever improving efficiency”.

Laser Cutting also have some of the widest ranges of tube laser cutting available in the UK and have 2 BLM Adige Tube cutters, and a further Mazak Fabrigear running in 6 axis mode. We are able to provide customers with a wide array of tubular, box, flat and sectional parts with weld prepping, where required.

Trumpf machinery will enable Laser Cutting to set new standards with the 3530. The innovative dynamic axis significantly shortens processing times. The result is enormous productivity increases especially on complex part contours. Add to this automatic loading producing labour gains and the package will make compelling savings for existing and new customers alike.

Laser Cutting are equally skilled in producing cost efficient flat and pressed components as they are tubular components and also offer sub assemblies, this combined offering works very well for many of their clients which include the Tanfield Group, Nifty Lift and Hope Technical Developments, among many others.

The Laser Cutting Company explores projects with customers to evolve new ways of working; designed to create overall savings to increase client competitiveness and shorten process time.

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