11 June 2008

Lantek presents the new version 27 of Lantek Expert

Lantek is pleased to present version 27 of its flagship product, Lantek Expert, the CAD/CAM/ERP software package for cutting and punching sheet metal machine tools. This is a significant advance aimed at effectively meeting the requirements of customers for managing and optimising the different sheet metal manufacturing and work processes in the industrial sector.

Lantek Expert v27 is a powerful solution, incorporating new architecture which uses advanced design and programming technologies. The company has dedicated significant economic, technical and human resources to its development, with a team of 75 engineers which has taken into account the demands and needs of both the market and users.
“Our commitment to innovation has made us a pioneering force in the implementation of new development methodologies and technologies. At Lantek we dedicate a significant amount of our resources and time to program re-engineering, not just to improve functionality but also to achieve a more user-friendly appearance and make our programs easier to use”, said Alberto Martínez, Managing Director of Lantek Sheet Metal Solutions.
In the new version of Lantek Expert II, the CAD/CAM software for cutting and punching sheet metal, the nesting methods have been greatly improved, with considerable increases in material utilisation, and very significant improvements in processing speed. For calculating the times and costs of producing parts, sheet metal and products, the new options enable users to have greater control over production and easily predict the manufacturing costs and times in their factory.

This new version includes a host of important changes, such as a new interface which simplifies manipulation and viewing of nests through the nesting explorer menu, as well as providing floating, dockable panels which give information and control over the nesting process.

The nesting capabilities have also been upgraded in Version 27. Colour coding eases part identification, and can be limited to zones on the sheet. Improvements to the dragging of nested parts provide collision avoidance against neighbouring components, ensuring that the resulting nest is valid. To provide extra flexibility, Expert II can now generate CNC code for several different machines simultaneously from one nest. This new capability will allow companies to maximise machine utilisation through last minute changes to the production cycle. Other improvements include manual multi torch nesting, handling of the Xp axis on Trumpf machines and new algorithms for remnant destruction on punching machines.
Lantek has introduced a completely new module for manufacturing mosaic patterns. The software will segregate material into different types, so that these can be nested together. It then provides an overall plan for the mosaic for identifying the final position of each part. Lantek Expert II V27 also provides new functionality for lead-ins, loops for profiling operations, and has speeded up and improved the cutting of parts with a large number of holes.

Other innovations in version 27 include an improvement in dealing with bevels and new specific treatments for multitorch, as well as wheel tools. There is also a wide range of new functions that allows Lantek Expert II maintain its position at the forefront of the cutting and punching program market.

Improvements in production processes
Version 27 of Lantek Expert III, the solution which provides integrated management of the whole production process in sheet metal work environments, offers some significant improvements. Aimed at companies in the sheet metal processing sector, Lantek Expert III comprises a set of functional modules (Products, Purchasing, Quotes, Manufacturing, Sales, Warehousing) which cover in a full and integrated way a company’s current and future management requirements.

This version is particularly significant for the new functions incorporated in the Quotation and Manufacturing modules. The Quotation module is fully integrated with CAD/CAM in terms of both managing quotes and improving the traceability of costs and margins. In addition, automatic integration provides end users with a bi-directional functionality between the Excel spreadsheet used for their quotes and Lantek’s ERP system. New reports have also been included which enable the information in the quotes to be analysed, taking a number of variables into account such as quotation by employee, by area, and reasons for losing or winning business.

The Manufacturing module incorporates new features for optimising the grouping of manufacturing operations and their integration with CAD/CAM. It also includes new reports to manage the difference between estimated costs and actual costs by part or job.

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