13 June 2008

At your service!

The service and after-sales support accorded to customers has been paramount to the continuing success of Bystronic UK Limited and the company has an on-going policy to ensure these high standards are maintained despite record levels of new machine installations increasing pressure on the service team.

New telephone numbers and a new telephone system have been introduced which, together with a number of operational changes, are enabling Bystronic to deal more effectively and efficiently with customer and field-staff calls.  It is a single system, with single contact numbers, regardless of whether a customer is calling the Leeds or Chard offices.  These numbers are purely for customer use and are all charged at a local call rate.

There are three new telephone numbers: 
0844 848 5850 – the new main number for Bystronic UK Limited
0844 848 5851 – the new fax number for Bystronic UK Limited
0844 848 5852 – hotline number for machine faults and breakdowns only

Incoming calls from customers are routed into functional areas, i.e. laser, press brake, waterjet, punching, rather than to individuals.  If for any reason a call cannot be taken a voicemail message may be left.  Voicemail messages are monitored and staff aim to return any unanswered calls within 30 minutes.

In-conjunction with this there have also been changes within the service department.  Incoming calls to the dedicated hotline number for machine breakdowns and faults bypass the main answering groups and are answered by the hotline staff, whom are trained to try and resolve any machine problems over the telephone.  Should this possible, hotline personnel will arrange an engineer visit.

David Larcombe, Bystronic UK Limited’s managing director, comments: “We have tripled the size of the hotline personnel to further improve the service we offer our customers and to ensure their machine downtime is kept to a minimum.  The overall objective of this new system is to improve our response to customers.”

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