16 June 2008

High Speed Laser Saves Space & Time at YLF

In the ultra competitive world that is today’s sub contract laser profiling market in the UK, advancements in technology must be embraced if you are to stay ahead of the game. With this theory in mind Yorkshire Laser took delivery of their new Byspeed 3015 4.4kw flat bed laser cutting machine. Sales & Technical director Matthew Orford looks at the reasons behind the purchase:

“The decision to buy the Byspeed was not taken lightly by the company, it was a sizeable amount of money to invest in a new machine centre and the justification had to stack up. The first and arguably most important reason for looking at a new machine throughout 2007 was capacity. With two laser cutting machines working around the clock it was obvious that more capacity was required, unfortunately there was little or no new space available to install a third machine, running on a second site was discounted for a number of reasons so that left us looking for machines that could significantly increase output over our existing six year old Platino.

The second reason that was leading us to a decision was high speed laser cutting, it had come to our attention that this was an area of the sub contract market that we couldn’t serve as we didn’t have the facility; this in itself was resulting in lost sales.

The third reason was really a mixture of the first two. As a leading UK supplier of sheet metal enclosures and assemblies to companies nationwide, moving into high speed laser cutting, where the benefits are mainly felt in the thinner end of materials would offer real advantages to our customers in terms of quality and delivery.

Whichever machine we chose there were certain aspects that we really wanted to be sure would be covered, this included reliability, ease of operation, service and support.

After much deliberation it was decided that Bystronics Byspeed 3015 with a 4.4kw resonator was the best choice. Having recently bought a new Bystar 4020 4.4kw from Bystronic in December 06 we already new how good many of the features would be on the Byspeed as many of them are shared with the Bystar. Indeed operation of the machine is so straight forward that we didn’t require the full five days training and we were in production in less than three weeks from taking delivery of the first parts of the machine. Already running with Bystronics excellent software Bysoft getting parts moving through the machine proved equally easy from the programming side as well.”

Yorkshire Laser is a family run business based in Castleford, West Yorkshire. They specialise in laser profiling and precision sheet metal work, serving companies both locally and nationally. With a range of modern lasers and sheet metal working equipment as well as in house powder coating, they are ideally placed to suit all requirements from one offs to series production.

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