20 June 2008

M2 Beam Propagation Analyzer Receives Major Upgrades/Reduced Size

Ophir-Spiricon Inc. announces major upgrades and reduced size of their 200S Beam Propagation Analyzer. The M2-200S upgrades include: a physical size reduction of almost one half of its predecessor, reports measurements up to 2-3X faster, and is more robust, insuring 24/7 reliability.  The M2-200S maintains the company’s leadership position as the only ISO compliant system for all reported measurements.

Automatic M2 – at Production Speeds.  Software improvements in the M2-200S, including more efficient algorithm execution has decreased the measurement reporting time by 2-3X, making it possible to report M2 in under two minutes. All these measurements and translations, as well as incremental beam attenuation, are automatically controlled by the M2-200S software.

Accurate.  “Ophir-Spiricon has a proprietary method of using software apertures to exclude noise beyond the wings of the laser beam, reports Kenneth Ferree, VP Sales & Marketing. This contributes greatly to beam width measurement accuracy, especially when the beam is focused to a small waist and covers only a small number of pixels.”
Increased Reliability.  With customers wanting to deploy applications for continuous use; three shifts a day, seven days a week, increased attention in these areas and endurance testing of critical components has been a major focus in the new M2-200S.

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