24 June 2008

EX5 Excimer Laser ? the World?s Most Powerful Mini Excimer

The EX5 excimer laser manufactured by GAM Laser, Inc. and distributed by Photonic Solutions is a genuinely low cost, compact, mini excimer laser, weighing in at only 14kg, measuring 47 x 25 x 25cm and supplying up to 7.5W at 248nm and 3.5W at 193nm.

The air cooled EX5 is fully computer controlled and features on-board vacuum pumps and halogen filters. This highly reliable laser offers excellent tube, optic and gas lifetimes and the low trigger jitter and excellent pulse to pulse stability of the output make this laser ideally suited to applications in micromachining, laser ablation, laser ionization and OEM products.

All GAM excimer laser products are of total/metal ceramic construction and use no elastomers or plastics. Corona pre-ionization is used on all systems to give low divergence laser operation with excellent beam pointing and pulse to pulse stability.  Available in standard, Industrial, line narrowed and high spatial and temporal coherence models, GAM lasers provide exceptional performance at all excimer wavelengths from 157nm – 351nm.

Whether your requirement is low repetition rate laboratory studies or high duty cycle manufacturing, GAM Laser, Inc. can provide a low cost of ownership excimer laser for your applications. Contact Photonic Solutions with your requirements or for details of the full range of lasers available from GAM Laser, Inc.

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