2 July 2008

Vacuum Preparation Tutorial for Motion Control Systems is updated and expanded

New revised section in engineering reference covers vacuum preparation for motion control specific applications. Aerotech has recently updated and expanded the Vacuum Preparation section of its Engineering Reference tutorial. Available online at the website in HTML or in downloadable PDF format, the section details important design considerations and recommendations for high precision motion control systems in vacuum levels categorised from low vacuum (10-3 Torr), through standard (10-6 Torr) to high vacuum (10-8 Torr).

The resource explores Aerotech’s considerable experience of vacuum compatible precision motion platforms covering materials selection, surface finishing, minimising outgassing, and optimising lubrication. Detailed information is also available for servo motor design and magnetic field control for critical vacuum applications as well as thermal management systems for heat removal in motors and bearings.

Cable management systems utilising Teflon® and PEEK™ materials are also featured. The Vacuum Preparation section combines with Aerotech’s Engineering Reference as an invaluable information source for precision motion and positioning mechanicsfor automated high throughput production and inspection systems.

Aerotech’s long list of high performance vacuum compatible applications includes EUV lithography, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Ion Beam profiling and implantation, E-Beam inspection, satellite component testing and optical polishing.

Aerotech’s expertise is backed by its expansive clean room assembly facilities where all parts are thoroughly cleaned to remove contaminants and after assembly, packaged in heat sealed particle free bags. Component level bake-out is also available where required. These measures ensure that the motion system is delivered in a fully serviceable condition and ready to install in the application with minimal delay. As all set-up parameters are also included and application optimised configuration files preloaded into the motion control system, product development timescales are reduced to a minimum, ensuring a low cost of ownership for the customer.

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