2 July 2008

Lunchtime virtual lectures

At 1pm on Monday 7 July AILU is providing our first lunchtime 'webinar': it can only be viewed on-line. The presentation “Laser processing of micro-optics and interconnects” will be given by Mike Osborne from OpTek Systems and will last 20 - 25 minutes, followed by questions and answers. You will see the PowerPoint slides and hear Mike's voice.

There are, however, some hoops to jump through first:
1.    The webinar is being hosted in the members area of the Photonics KTN web site ( Most AILU members are already signed up and you should have your password, but if not you will need to join (which is free) which you can do on the site.
2.    You need to download the Interwise conferencing software (which is free), but for this you will need a Windows-based PC running Internet Explorer v5.5 or greater.
3.    If you want to participate in the live event you need to register beforehand; this is to enable you to ask questions afterwards.
4.    To enjoy the webinar you will need a headset or microphone and speakers, and a broadband internet connection.

For full information and guidance see:

If you miss the seminar you will be able view it later (slides and audio including additional videos) on either the AILU or PKTN websites - the only thing you will miss is the opportunity to take part in the questions and answers.

Mike's seminar is part of the “Photonics Lunchtime lecture series”, organised by the Photonics KTN, of which AILU is a member. The main attractions of these events is that they involve no travel, and they are able to reach a broad, international audience.

If you have ideas for future topics or would like to discuss the possibility of making a presentation, please contact Anna O'Neil.

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