24 July 2008

Tampoprint® AG presents the new Alfalas® ?WST? Laser

Tampoprint® AG presents a novelty in laser technology with its new Alfalas® “WST“ Workstation Laser Marking Unit – as a bench model this is the ideal table-top solution.
A convincing machine with the smallest dimensions, the unit is equipped with a 20W diode pumped laser,  the “WST” offers a large working area but with only a small footprint required.

The unit can be used for marking all kinds of materials up to a height of 100mm. The so-called “all-in-one“ solution is no idle boost, there are no additional components such as external cooling units or power supply packs under the table! The keyboard is integrated in a drawer, only the monitor needs its usual required space!

With an average power consumption of approx 600W the operating expenses will be reduced to a minimum. Metallic surfaces and plastics, straight and flat components, flexible and standard markings, even to the point of pixel graphics for the production of 4C clichés.
The high laser output here is characterized by reasonable material processing, in particular with steel and ceramic parts.

To achieve more marking freedom the optional NC controlled rotary axis can be integrated without problem. With respect to batch size “1”, additional focusing and positioning aids (e.g. rectangle adjustment) are an indispensable auxiliary means for an economic marking and are offered as options.

The Alfalas® “WST“ is a low-priced solution for laboratories, workshops and offices, equipped with a technology comparable to a measuring machine which permanently guarantees a co-parallelism of objective to work surface with high quality markings and simple HMI user interface.

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