8 August 2008

Investment tops £2M mark

SSC Laser (formerly Steel Service Centre), the all round laser cutting sub-contractor, has placed an order with Bystronic UK Limited for equipment valued at in excess of £350,000 for a Bystronic Byspeed laser cutting system equipped with 4.4 kW resonator.  It is the sixth Bystronic laser (and the third Byspeed) to be purchased by the company since 2000 and represents an overall investment of over £2M.

SSC Laser is undergoing an expansion programme and this latest machine will be sited at a new site in Peterlee, County Durham.  The Byspeed emphasises the company’s core confidence in laser cutting and, importantly, with Bystronic UK Limited in particular.
Austin Jarrett, SSC Laser’s managing director, comments: “SSC Laser believes it has a responsibility to offer its customers the very best in terms of customer service, delivery times, quality of product and price.  When we took the decision to expand the company we looked at our complete business strategy as opposed to just going ahead and building on our existing site.

“We surveyed our customers to find out their impressions and views on SSC Laser and three overwhelming points were made:  they like doing business with us as we are friendly and professional, we offer fast delivery times, often within 24 hours where possible, and we are local.”

 “Their views on locality encouraged us to set up new locations throughout the country. With the right management team and the right equipment in place we have ensured our high standards of service will be maintained and orders delivered within 24 hours.  During the past 18 months we have been building up business in these new areas from our Hixon site and Peterlee will be the first of the locations to open.”

Mr Jarrett concludes: “Traditionally laser cutting has been most suited to material thickness of 6 mm and above.  However, the Byspeed is capable of cutting thin materials very quickly – something which is very pertinent to punching technology.  We have been able to attract those customers who were using punching technology and they are now reaping the benefits of laser cutting.  Because of this, when it came to investing in equipment for the new SSC Laser site, we were never in any doubt that the Byspeed laser cutting system was the most suitable option for us and we opened negotiations with Bystronic at the recent MACH exhibition.”

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