1 September 2008

Pro-Lite Raises the Pulse of Laser Energy Measurements with EnergyMax

Pro-Lite Technology LLP (Cranfield, England) has released the EnergyMax pyroelectric laser energy sensors from Coherent. EnergyMax sensors set new standards in pulsed laser measurements in terms of linearity, damage threshold, extended dynamic range and broad spectral response. Put simply, EnergyMax sensors give you readings you can trust.

EnergyMax sensors provide energy measurements with all laser types, from nJ to Joules, from 190nm to 12μm and from femtosecond to 860μs pulse duration. EnergyMax also provides superior damage resistance at up to 14J/cm2 as well as higher repetition rate operation, from single shot up to 10kHz. When used in conjunction with the new LabMax meter, the energy from each pulse at 1kHz can be recorded.

Flexibility is assured through a wider dynamic range (measure over 4 decades using a single sensor), and the choice of three, large sensor areas (10, 25 & 50mm). On-board temperature compensation and user-attachable heat-sinks provide for reliable operation with higher average power lasers. Take confidence not only in the improved accuracy of EnergyMax but also from the extensive testing which Coherent undertook to ensure that shocks, vibration and humidity do not affect readings.

EnergyMax detectors are available in four types which are optimised for different applications: general purpose; YAG & harmonics; high rep rate; and excimer. EnergyMax sensors are compatible with the latest Coherent readouts (FieldMaxII P, FieldMaxII TOP and LabMax TOP). Web link:

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