5 September 2008

UK laser Innovator Receives 2008 Business Achievement Award

Powerlase Ltd, manufacturers of the world’s most powerful nanosecond Q-switched, diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers, has been awarded The Business Achievement Award 2008 by Clarke Willmott for being the fastest growing technology business.

The award acknowledges the laser innovator’s sales growth. Powerlase’s rapid growth rate is a reflection of its established global presence and success in plasma display screen manufacturing processes.

Powerlase has strengthened its position as a global laser supplier through the development of dynamic distribution channels. The company now enjoys direct and channel operations in Mainland Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China.

Alongside Powerlase’s impressive development in the flat panel display (FPD) market, the applications-led global laser innovator continues to develop products and applications for future markets, driving innovative breakthroughs in the field of Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography, which will further the development of high-power laser produced plasma (LPP) EUV sources. Additionally, Powerlase’s new 100G and 200G lasers have been developed to cater to end-user needs and are being used to benefit the solar cell processing and AMOLED screen display markets.

Mike Mason, Vice President of Technology at Powerlase comments, “We’re delighted to be acknowledged for our work in the FPD market. Our impressive growth is a direct result of our customer-led applications driven approach to laser manufacture. By putting the needs of our customers and partners first, we’re continuing to develop exciting new products for new markets which will see us grow into 2009 and beyond. It is a very exciting time for Powerlase.”

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