5 September 2008

QPC?s Ultra-600 Laser Diode Module Delivers Power and Brightness

Pro-Lite Technology LLP (Cranfield, England) has released the Ultra-600 from QPC Lasers, a high power laser diode engine which delivers high spectral and spatial brightness for enhanced pumping of fibre lasers.

QPC’s Ultra-600 diode laser module features on-chip Brightlock™ internal grating and Brightlase™ technology which results in higher powers and improved spectral brightness from six 100 or 200µm core optical fibres for Yb, Er:Yb and Tm fibre laser pumping. Over 300W CW of total output power is available “cladding-free” at 976 +/- 1.5nm in less than 2nm bandwidth. 450W CW is also offered at 792 +/- 3nm. The Ultra-600 is a fully plug-and-play laser available with optional QPC’s Ultra-Drive™ benchtop laser diode driver and Ultra-Therm™ water cooled chiller.

QPC Lasers is a world leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of high-brightness, high-power semiconductor lasers for the consumer electronics, defence, homeland security, industrial, and medical markets. Founded in the year 2000, QPC is vertically integrated from epitaxy through packaging and performs all critical fabrication processes at its state-of-the-art high-technology facility in the Los Angeles suburb of Sylmar, CA, USA.

QPC has developed patented and proprietary high brightness chip-based laser technology that has potential to reduce the size, cost, and weight of lasers by as much as 10X while significantly improving their energy efficiency and portability. QPC’s lasers are being used globally in the development of next generation laser based HD-TV, cancer treatment, and laser processing.

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