9 September 2008

Newport Introduces the SmartTable® OTS? Optical Table System

Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in laser and photonic solutions that Make, Manage, and Measure LightSM, today announced the sales release of the SmartTable® OTS™ optical table system.

This latest vibration isolation system combines the unmatched performance and value of Newport’s patented SmartTable® optical table family with a new, innovative isolation platform that features integrated accessories which maximize comfort and optimize laboratory space, organization and safety. It is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications including laser microscopy, optical trapping and more critical applications like CEP (Carrier-Envelope Phase) studies or STED Imaging.

According to Warren Booth, product manager for Newport Corporation, “No other optical table system delivers the performance and field upgradeability of our new SmartTable OTS platform. This innovative, upgradeable vibration isolation system is available in a variety of popular sizes and performance levels making it an excellent choice for virtually any application.”

The new OTS™ platform integrates Newport’s I-1250 pneumatic isolator with a new rigid frame design to deliver an isolation platform with superior isolation performance and unmatched accessories. Added Booth, “For years, this isolator design has been used extensively by the world’s most demanding OEM customers who require reliable, high performance and low cost of ownership in their applications. Integrating this isolator into our new OTS platform provides an unequaled level of performance, reliability and ease-of-use.”

The SmartTable OTS platform is also the only optical table system that is field upgradeable with four levels of table performance and three isolation options. In addition, it offers more unique accessories than other isolation platform. Each of these unique accessories is integrated with the system’s frame to provide exceptional mobility, maximize space efficiency, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Booth continued, “As system requirements and budgets change, users can easily upgrade their system to improve performance, organization and safety to optimize laboratory space and productivity. As an example, users can initially select an 4’x8’x8” thick ST-UT broadband damped upgradeable table surface with a rigid leg frame and field upgrade both the damping and isolation performance to the highest performance level available.”

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