9 September 2008

SPI Lasers 30W pulsed fiber laser competes with traditional marking lasers

SPI Lasers, a leading designer and manufacturer of fiber lasers, today announced its latest pulsed product, a 30W fiber laser is aimed at faster and higher quality marking, engraving and ablation applications.

The 30W pulsed laser, extends the output power of the existing product range. The laser has a typical M2 of 3.2 giving a more uniform flatter power distribution over the beam. This makes the laser more suitable for applications where a more “top hat” distribution is preferable rather than the lower order Gaussian mode ideal where wider mark tacks and large area fills are required.

Applications that can benefit from this laser source include; anneal marking, anodised aluminium marking, thin film patterning, plastic marking, engraving and paint removal. The additional energy of the laser means that it is well suited to use in dual head marking stations giving >10W per head. Utilizing SPI’s successful G3 platform, the 30W laser benefits from the flexibility in frequency range from CW to 500kHz and the characteristic waveforms which allow user selectable pulses. The 30W laser comes with both 2m and 5m beam delivery fiber options and is an extremely flexible option for manufacturers looking to reduce maintenance costs, reduce footprint of manufacturing processes and ultimately reduce cost of ownership.

Jack Gabzdyl, Product Line Manager for Pulsed Fiber Lasers, welcomed the release; “Lasers with low order modes prove to have high intensity in the central point, they can be defocused but the intensity issue remains. Developing a laser with flatter energy distribution enables greater and more varied materials processing -ablation, marking and engraving. Faster processing, higher production with crisper cleaner marks and for thin film applications in particular, less risk of damage to substrate.”

A proof of concept and try before you buy program can be found by clicking on the SPI web site at and registering your details on the ‘Try before you buy’ page.

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