9 September 2008

SPI announces extended operating temperature range 20W pulsed fibre laser

SPI Lasers, a leading designer and manufacturer of fiber lasers, today announced an extended temperature range 20W Fiber targeting hot environments.

SPI has launched a new ST ‘Superior Temperature’ variant of it successful G3 20W pulsed laser. The ST has a significantly extended temperature range and is capable of operation in ambient environments up to 43°C (HS model has a 35°C upper limit). This is ideal for hot climate geographies. The ST typically gives 21W and is specified to give >20W under all environmental conditions. Typically, the ST has a 5% improvement in pulse energy, average power and peak power over the 20W HS, allowing improvements in materials processing performance.

Jack Gabzdyl, Product Line Manager for Pulsed Fiber Lasers, welcomed the release; “Increased capability of the laser to give 20W at 43°C compliments our existing range and allows OEM’s to cater for specific geographic requirements. The 20W pulsed laser is ideal for general marking, micromachining and engraving as it can produce deeper and narrower marks but now comes with the benefit of the ST feature. ST ability allows SPI to become leaders in hot climates such as Asia & South America where manufacturing industries are opting for more advanced fiber lasers.”

A proof of concept and try before you buy program can be found on the SPI website at and registering your details on the ‘Try before you buy’ page.

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