11 September 2008

Victor Manufacturing realise 48% energy savings

Victor Manufacturing is a leading commercial catering equipment manufacturer. At their manufacturing site in Bradford an extensive range of food service equipment is manufactured which is used by all kinds of organisations such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals and universities to move, store and serve hot and cold foods.

Compressed air is used within the manufacturing process to power various applications such as the assembler’s air tools.

In recent months all areas of energy usage at the facility have been reviewed as part of a company wide energy drive. As such, Victor Manufacturing invited The Carbon Trust to audit the compressed air system and assess its energy efficiency. Amongst the recommendations made, the Carbon Trust identified that energy savings could be made by replacing the existing compressor with an energy efficient version.

At this stage Bob Morris, the Production Supervisor, invited current compressed air partner Boge Compressors to review the system.

Dale Cellier, the Area Sales Manager at Boge Compressors consequently conducted an audit of the existing system to provide recommendations. The audit verified those of The Carbon Trust – that energy savings would be made by replacing the existing compressor with an energy efficient compressor. The Boge SLF40 frequency controlled screw compressor was recommended.
Bob Morris said “The quantified energy savings were significant enough to convince us that investing in an energy efficient compressor would pay off in the long run.

Our experience with Boge to date has been excellent. We already had one Boge compressor installed over 12 months ago to power the laser cutting application which had run satisfactorily. In that time Boge had provided us with excellent service and backup support. As a result we chose to install a Boge SLF40.”

The Boge SLF series combines a direct coupled drive system with frequency control to provide the ultimate compressor for pressure control under variable output requirements. The SLF is therefore a low carbon technology that works strictly in accordance with the compressed air demand by producing the exact volume of compressed air at the pressure required. Frequency control minimises idling time and evens out air demand fluctuations. For Victor Manufacturing this meant creating a 48% reduction in their compressed air energy costs per annum!

Bob Morris concludes: “We have since been very satisfied with the performance of the Boge SLF40 – we don’t have to think about the compressor system anymore – it’s just doing its job, saving us money and contributing to our all up reduced carbon footprint!”

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