12 September 2008

Laser Research Group Established

Martin Sharp and Paul French have joined the General Engineering Research Institute (GERI) at Liverpool John Moores University and are in the process of setting up a research group called “Photonics In Engineering” and this will initially concentrate on laser materials processing. Martin and Paul, formerly of the Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre, University of Liverpool, are planning to initially concentrate their research effort on applications of lasers in micromachining, especially in the biotechnology and aerospace sectors.

Research Group leader Martin said that “this is an exciting opportunity for Paul and I to pursue a more academic career in this area. However we remain committed to working with industry and will be developing relevant knowledge exchange activities with industrial partners”.

Paul added “the time spent at Lairdside had allowed us to make extensive contact with industrial partners and this provided the motivation behind the majority of our research ideas”.

GERI ( is an institute based within the faculty of Technology and Environment at Liverpool John Moores University and is active in a variety of fields ranging from optical metrology, advanced manufacturing technology, radio-frequency & microwave research to electronics, image processing and mechanical engineering. Currently between 40 and 50 full and part time members work in the institute. GERI now consists of five main research groups: Coherent and Electro-Optics, Engineering Development Centre, Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Laboratory, Radio Frequency and Microwave, and now Photonics In Engineering (the π Group).

Professor David Burton, Director of the Institute, says that “establishing the Photonics in Engineering research group is a key development for GERI, and is a natural and complementary expansion of the work of the institute, and I look forward to working with Martin and Paul as they develop their research portfolio”.

AILU wishes both Martin and Paul good luck in their future endeavours.

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