12 September 2008

Shorter Processing Times and More Flexibility - Next Generation TruLaser Cell Series 7000 with New Performance Package

“Powering Innovation” is the theme of Trumpf's EuroBLECH 2008 trade show presentation. The 20th edition of the international leading trade show for sheet metal processing is an opportunity to present innovations and new developments for all technologies. From punching to combination processing and bending to laser cutting and welding in 2D and 3D, there is no area that doesn't highlight something new and surprising, such as the TruLaser Cell Series 7000.

Faster processing times, shorter positioning times, more flexibility: Trumpf will present the next generation of its TruLaser Cell Series 7000 with a new performance package at the Hannover trade show. Mass producers with high production cycles as well as job shoppers benefit from the radically overhauled laser system mechanics and software for processing 2D and 3D material.

High Speed Cutting for Shorter Unit Times
The TruLaser Cell Series 7000 now features higher dynamics. Optimal, smooth runs, higher operating speed and faster acceleration of the system significantly reduces processing times and therefore the costs of each manufactured part. Additionally, the optimized piercing strategy for thin metal sheet processing and the increased positioning speed reduce downtimes.
The user has more options to reduce production costs per part with the new generation TruLaser Cell Series 7000. He receives standard laser technology tables for welding for up to 7 kilowatts or tables for high speed cutting with a laser output of up to 6 kilowatts which allow cutting speeds up to 40 meters per second. Visitors to EuroBlech will be able to see the advantages of high speed cutting live at the Trumpf booth.

Smaller die diameter reduces costs per piece

Further savings of current cost of production result in a smaller die diameter, which reduces both the flow rate and the consumption of process gas. And for applications in which quality is secondary to the cost per part, the user may also cut parts with pressurized air.

Shorter Positioning Times through Graphical Editor
The graphical editor of the TruLaser Cell Series 7000 is also entirely new. The integration of a TopsViewer visualizes the NC track on the user screen. The user can now adapt the processing program comfortably and quickly. This reduces the positioning times of new parts.

New Round Axis Modules and Moveable Partition
In addition to faster processing speeds and lower set-up times, the new generation TruLaser Cell Series 7000 shines with its higher level of flexibility. Two new round axis modules for small and medium-sized rotation of symmetrical components are able to process a broader range of parts. Because the partition is flexible, the user can divide the work area asymmetrically and can load and unload large parts simultaneously during prime time.

Easier Start-up for Laser Welding
Starting this spring, the new "WeldLine" is making the daily welding job significantly easier. Users of the TruLaser Cell Series 7000 can choose from three different packages for laser welding. With the base package, WeldLine Basic, and through the use of tables, the user can save and comfortably retrieve all required laser parameters. WeldLine Comfort controls up to four laser and gas mixtures. The proportional valve of the TruLaser Cell Series 7000 can now be easily switched from one welding job to the next. This saves time and increases security during the exchange between individual welding applications.

The application WeldLine Professional is a world’s first. It supports the user who does not have extensive experience with laser welding during the welding process through a combination of technological know-how and the WeldLine Basic and WeldLine Comfort applications. WeldLine Professional includes laser technology tables with predefined parameter sets for mild steel and stainless steel. This makes getting started in laser welding easier for less experienced customers.

Monitoring Sensors Protect Optical Path

The new LensLine lens monitoring sensors prevent the destruction of the soiled focusing lens. This protects the optical path from a potential soiling and it protects the equipment from unnecessary downtimes.

With the TruLaser Cell 7000 series, Trumpf is setting new standards in the field of 3D laser processing. The modern laser cells stand for more flexibility in all areas of application. “From aluminum to ultra stainless steel, in 2D or 3D, the TruLaser Cell 7000 series can weld, cut and finish surfaces efficiently,” explains Klaus Löffler, Director of international sales for Trumpf laser systems in the Laser System Technology Business Field.

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