23 September 2008

First move into laser cutting

Bystronic UK Limited has received an order for equipment valued at in excess of £190,000 from Technical Tubes Limited for a ByVention 2.2 laser cutting system.

Technical Tubes Limited was established in the 1950’s and, like Bystronic, has achieved an enviable reputation for both quality and service. An owner run business, the company provides a full tube manipulation and fabrication sub-contract service to a wide range of industries including civil engineering, marine, heating and ventilation, agricultural engineering, earth moving equipment, automotive, motorcycle accessories, healthcare products, materials handling equipment and shop fitting – to name just a few!

The combination of a skilled workforce and investment in the latest production equipment allows Technical Tubes to manufacture products from development, prototype through to volume production.

Although the company had realised the benefits laser cutting could bring to the business several years ago, it was only when a need to update an existing plasma machine and an existing CNC punching machine arose that the company finally decided to invest in its first laser cutting system.
David Morley, Technical Tubes managing director, comments: “Once we had decided to invest in a laser we needed to find a system which was best suited to our business needs and offer best value. We looked at various laser suppliers before opting for the ByVention equipped with 2.2 kW resonator. As produce mainly small components and do not need a bigger resonator yet the machine will allow us to provide our customers with alternative benefits.

“The machine has a small footprint requiring just 6000 x 6000 mm of floor space therefore allowing us to utilise the smallest of spaces and its fixed, all in price, meant we knew exactly what we were getting for our money. Other manufacturers simply have not got a comparable machine to the ByVention.”

When the ByVention was launched in 2006 it represented not only a completely new innovation in the field of laser cutting systems but also a new business model for Bystronic and laser industry in general. Compared with other high quality laser cutting machines, a customer can invest in a ByVention at around half the investment cost, with which they can process some 80 per cent of the spectrum parts.

With Technical Tubes being new to the concept of laser cutting any investment had to be easy to operate and the ByVention is no exception. Training time is reduced to a minimum. This is achieved as the ByVention is operated via pre-defined programs and cutting parameters using a touch screen. New operators benefit from the simple and logical operation and after the short period of training Technical Tubes operators were familiar with the control and its integrated function, allowing them to operate the machine to its full capacity.

The ByVention’s compact design makes it the smallest laser cutting machine for standard-sized metal sheets. The control cabinet and the system’s laser source are integrated in the machine frame and form a single unit. Additionally, the cooling unit and the used air filter are combined in a compact, powerful unit.

Due to the compact design, the laser beam is kept short and is therefore for high precision cuts.
When Bystronic designed the machine emphasis was placed on rapid and easy service. The machine is covered by a two-year Bystronic warranty as well as two years preventive maintenance. This ensures high reliability and avoids expensive repairs.

Mr Morley continues: “Thanks to the everything included concept, we knew exactly what we were getting for our money – the machine itself, the Bysoft CAD/CAM software package, commissioning and basic training as well as the two year warranty and maintenance.”
“Our operators have adapted easily to the machine and our customers are reaping the benefits of high-quality, precision cut laser components.”

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