25 September 2008

Fast CCD Spectrometers from Pro-Lite Make Rapid Light Source Measurements

Pro-Lite Technology LLP (Cranfield, England) has announced the release of the CDS600 & 610 from Labsphere – powerful, miniature spectrometers that make light source measurements in fractions of a second.

Labsphere’s CDS600 and CDS610 are compact CCD spectrometers that provide for rapid spectroradiometric measurements of LEDs and other light sources from 250 to 1000nm. When combined with Labsphere’s purpose-designed light source analysis software, LightMtrX, the CDS600 and 610 will provide for increased throughput and improved product performance and quality.

The CDS600 & 610 spectrometers are offered with a variety of interchangeable sampling optics to suit different types of measurement. Light source parameters that can be determined include total flux when used with an integrating sphere, luminous intensity and illuminance. The LightMtrX software will also compute the chromaticity, colour temperature, dominant wavelength and colour rendering of the device under test.

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