29 September 2008

Minimum Size ? Maximum Performance Miniscan from Raylase

Raylase AG, the world's leading manufacturer of high precision components and sub-systems for the deflection, modulation and control of laser beam, has just launched a brand new 2-axis deflection unit: the Miniscan.

This latest galvanometer scanning head has been designed to be as small as possible. With this new unit, Raylase aims to meet the growing demand for more precise and compact systems. The new CE-certified Miniscan is at present available with a 7 mm or 10 mm aperture, for a wide range of wavelengths. Raylase AG's newest product combines precision with the very highest operating speed.

With long-term drift of < 300 μrad over a period of more than eight hours, the Miniscan not only achieves very impressive drift values, but can also meet increasing demands for high writing speed by delivering > 500 cps (characters per second) at high quality with the MS-10 in a working field of 120 mm x 120 mm.

With the Miniscan, Raylase AG has set new benchmarks for 2-axis laser beam deflection units, in terms of size and weight. Weighing only 800 g, Miniscan can easily be integrated into existing, modern systems. Its robust, dust-proof housing also means it can be used in extreme conditions. Like all 2-axis deflection units, the Miniscan can be controlled via digital control card, or by using an analogue current or voltage interface.

The jobs Miniscan can perform are as wide-ranging and varied as the product itself. The high-performance Miniscan is ideal for material processing such as engraving, ablation, drilling, cutting and welding, and electronic production such as structuring, trimming and processing on the fly. For more information, please visit

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