15 October 2008

Prima Industrie and Finn-Power at the Euroblech - bound for wider horizons together

(Booth E14/E18 - Hall 14)

“Bound for wider horizons. Together.” are the words inspiring Prima Industrie and Finn-Power since, at the beginning of the year, the Italian Group acquired the Finnish Company. This is the reason why they have been chosen as slogan for the Euroblech exhibition, the important stage on which they will “make their début” together.

The horizons of the two Companies, since they joined forces, have become actually wider:

  1. the product range offered by the new Group is unbeatable: 2D and 3D laser cutting and welding, laser drilling, punching, integrated punching and laser cutting, integrated punching and shearing, bending, panelling, Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS);
  2. the territorial coverage is wider and more widespread: 10 manufacturing plants in Italy, Finland, United States and China, and a strong and extensive sales and after-sales support in the five continents;
  3. nearly 1700 people form the new Group: their competence, professionalism and passion are a precious asset;
  4. more than 30 years in the laser and in the sheet metal processing: these experience and know-how make the new Group a highly competent partner. “Prima Industrie – explains Ezio Basso, General Manager of the Italian Company – is undisputed leader in the three-dimensional laser machines and it is among the most important manufacturers of flat-bed laser machines. Finn-Power is one of the biggest specialist in flexible sheet metal processing. Products and experiences are complementary in a really exceptional way.”

In Hannover Prima Industrie and Finn-Power will exhibit most of their product range and many worldwide premieres.

For 2D laser cutting it will be possible to see Syncrono® and Platino® at work. The results of the Syncrono ®, the over-1000-holes-per-minute machine dedicated to the ultra-fast cutting of thin sheet, will be even more astonishing. Platino ®, the laser machine for any thickness and materials, will give evidence of its high flexibility and user-friendliness with the new version of the control, featuring a graphic interface and software functions for a programming “on-the-fly”.

At the fair it will be also presented the new generation CV5000 laser, manufactured in the American plants. The CV5000 allows high powers to be obtained with maximum efficiency.

“For the three-dimensional laser processing – reveals Ezio Basso – a “historical” innovation will be presented for the first time worldwide that will revolutionize the architecture and the performances of the large 3D laser machines”.

In servo electric punching, visitors can see new technology in both integrated punching – laser cutting cells as well as in a new combination of a punch press and a highly versatile material handling unit.

In bending, servo electric technology is in focus, now on a totally new automation level which allows the utilization of this highly productive technology at an attractive investment cost.

“I am proud – explains Tomas Hedenborg, President and CEO of the Finnish Company - of Finn-Power’s twenty-plus years of history in integrated right angle shear technology, but even more so of our latest innovations in it, which will get their world premiere in Hannover”.

On the software side, it will be possible to attend to demonstrations of two new systems. The new Maestro-Libellula® CAD/CAM software for laser machines, developed on powerful algorithms and on “one-click” concept, making it the perfect tool for the user. Easy, fast and flexible, it is an expert software, “trained” by Prima Industrie to program using all its know-how. Another worldwide premiere will be Tulus™, the new, integrated and scalable Finn-Power software for programming and management of the fabrication process. Tulus™ is designed to combine together all manufacturing, programming and management tools needed for efficient and flexible production of sheet metal part using Finn-Power machines.

“Visitors - concludes Ezio Basso – will discover and share with us these new and promising horizons. We are in fact convinced that our new Group offer important opportunities and benefits most of all to our Customers and Partners. This is our main message for the Euroblech”.

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