23 October 2008

Order Placed At Open House

At a recent open house event held at Bystronic UK Limited’s Leeds showroom, The Thomson Pettie Group placed an order for equipment valued at in excess of £875,000 for a Bystronic Byspeed 4020 laser cutting system and a Bycell storage tower.

The Thomson Pettie Group manufactures components for trucks, buses and off-highway equipment from various sites throughout the UK. This latest investment will be commissioned at a new 75,000 ft² site in Cumbernauld.

Terry Thomson, the company’s chairman comments: “We have two existing Bystronic laser cutting systems, the first of which, a Bysprint, was purchased almost 15 years ago. This machine has performed well above its weight and we have stretched its abilities by cutting up to 15 mm regularly . We are also running a 4 kW Bystar which we have had for four years.

“A change in the type of work being offered to us, as well as the need to maintain our competitive edge encouraged us to look at purchasing replacement machines for our new site. We are consolidating two of our existing sites into these new premises and this will enable us to provide our customers with a further enhanced service.”

The Thomson Pettie Group looked at a number of suppliers before making the final decision on the investment.

Mr Thomson continues: “We actually looked at five companies, some of whom were offering lasers at a cheaper price. However, the quality and volume of the work produced on our existing Bystronic lasers and the service accorded by Bystronic the company demanded that we placed the order for the Byspeed and the Bycell. Customers are aware of the quality of Bystronic produced components and we believe this encourages them to do businesses with us.

“The entire system will be automated and capable of running 24hours a day, seven days a week, unmanned. We currently have material everywhere, on pallets, on racks – the Bycell will provide the necessary storage and is being delivered pre-configured to allow us to add a second Byspeed machine when the time is right.”

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