24 October 2008

Pro-Lite?s Power Meter Value Packages Make the Best Even More Affordable

Pro-Lite Technology LLP (Cranfield, England) is now offering selected Coherent laser power meters as enhanced value packages. Several of the most popular meters and sensors have been packaged into system kits so that savings can be passed on to make budgets go even further.

The power meter value packages are available with the FieldMate and FieldMax II TO laser power meters together with the OP-2 VIS photodiode as well as the PM-10 and PM-30 thermal sensors. The savings are considerable, with some packages reduced by up to one third compared with the cost of the individual meter and sensor.

The FieldMate power meter is small on price but big on performance, combining a precise digital display with a fast analogue meter. Versatile is the word that best sums up the FieldMax II TO meter which combines a bold digital display and an analogue-like bar graph as well as a USB interface port. The OP-2 VIS sensor is based upon a sensitive silicon photodiode for measurements from 10nW to 50mW (or 5W with optional attenuator) in the range from 400-1100nm. The PM-10 and PM-30 are rugged thermopile sensors for beam powers up to 10W and 30W respectively in the range from 0.19-11µm.

In addition to the sensors available in the value programme, the FieldMate and FieldMax II TO meters are compatible with Coherent’s full range of thermal and optical sensors which can be ordered separately.

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