24 October 2008

Light and flexible: The new RL Series

RAYLASE AG, the world's leading manufacturer of high-precision components and sub-systems for deflection, modulation and control of laser beam, is now offering the new RL Series of scanning heads. The scanner heads are available with various aperture sizes, yet all have identical external dimensions. To make them even easier to integrate in customer-specific laser systems, open frame kits are also available for all aperture sizes.

With its new 2-axis deflection units, RAYLASE AG is meeting the requirements of modern systems, which are becoming ever more compact. The housing is light and space-saving making the scanning head ideal for installation in a multitude of modern laser systems. All scanning heads are available in the aperture sizes 7, 9, 12 and 14 for standard wavelengths in the range from 355 to 10,600 nm. Even though the apertures vary, the dimensions of the scanner heads stay constant making the laser systems easy to re-equip. Additionally, scanning heads with differing apertures weigh almost the same, only around 1.3 kg. The only difference is a small variation in the position of the beam entry hole, depending on the aperture.

The RL Series offers even greater flexibility, as it is also available as an open-frame kit without housing. In this variant the customer receives the galvanometer scanner and mirror already premounted in a block, along with the electronics. This enables the customer to tailor the open-frame kit to suit their existing system, and easily integrate it.

The RL-7 scanner head (aperture 7 mm) can achieve a write speed of 600 cps (characters pro second) in a 100 x 100 mm working field, the RL-10 can achieve a write speed of 400 cps, and the RL-15 can achieve a write speed of 280 cps.

The value for money RL products are intended for application areas in sectors such as automobiles, electronics, semiconductors or packing. Furthermore, they are a preferred solution when compact lasers are used for marking, drilling or cutting.

Overview of RL Series:
• Available in aperture sizes 7, 9, 12 and 14, with the same external dimensions
• Light and space-saving deflection unit for wavelengths of 355 nm to 10,600 nm
• Open-frame kit without housing available on request
• Best value for money

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