5 November 2008

An EPICS Announcement from Aerotech!

Aerotech's award-winning Ensemble™ stand-alone, multi-axis motion controller includes full compatibility with the EPICS open source distributed control system. EPICS is used worldwide at leading light source (synchrotron) facilities and other government laboratories, allowing Ensemble to seamlessly integrate into applications at major research institutions.

Positioning for Synchrotron Light Applications
Aerotech's precision rotary air-bearing stages are a perfect fit for many light source applications, including crystallography and diffractometry systems, and are enhanced by Ensemble’s powerful controller architecture and easy-to-use interface. Both the high-payload ABRT and the low-profile ABRS lines of rotary air-bearing stages feature:

  • Direct-drive, slotless, brushless servomotor
  • Zero-cogging motor for outstanding velocity stability
  • Outstanding error motion and wobble performance

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