10 November 2008

GSI Lasers launch JK100P

GSI Lasers, Rugby today announced the launch of a new addition to their award winning JK family of pulsed Nd:YAG lasers: the JK100P. The 100W Nd:YAG short pulsed laser represents 30 years of cumulative experience in laser processing and design, and combines high peak power (10kW), short pulses (15-200us) and high repetition rates (2000Hz) to make this laser ideal for cutting thick sections of silicon wafers and other similar materials.

The JK100P can also be effectively used for scribing or drilling holes and also, due to the pulse regime, can enable high aspect ratio cutting in thick section silicon but eradicate micro-cracking that is usually caused by excessive heat input. The JK100P produces smooth-cut edges and a better quality of cut when compared to other, more conventional lasers, due to the increased pulse energy and peak power.

GSI Lasers has included the unique features associated with the JKTM series within the new JK100P such as the LaserViewTM control technology, which enables complete cycle programming triggered by a single command, LuminatorTM fiber optic beam delivery with back reflection protection, faster shutter interface and fully integrated time and energy shares for faster switching and reduction in maintenance costs.

Some of the advantages of the JK100P are high pulse-to-pulse stability with an energy control system, 100µm fiber delivery achieving small focus spots and narrow kerfs, best-in-class reliability, built-in back reflection protection with our patented LuminatorTM plug-and-play fiber optic delivery system and fully integrated time-and-energy-share options.

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