10 November 2008

Widest gap-free tuning range from the Palitra Series of Ultra-fast Optical Parametric Amplifiers

Distributed in the UK by Photonic Solutions PLC, The Palitra is a white-light continuum (WLC) seeded, co-linear OPA which can be pumped by a femtosecond Ti:Sapphire amplifier, delivering ultrafast pulses over the entire wavelength tuning range. Each Palitra model is built in a compact, thermally stabilised enclosure, providing stable, hands-off performance. Options are available to integrate two or three Palitra units into one box to be seeded by a single WLC for the best possible inter-OPA coherence. The Palitra models can also be directly integrated into the amplifier box upon request. For example it is possible to purchase an Integra-C with the Palitra OPA integrated inside.

Three models of the Palitra are available, all of which are fully automated with hands free computer control: the Palitra-USP offers ultra-short pulses of less than 40fs, the Palitra-FS offers femtosecond pulses of less than 130fs and the Palitra-PS offers picoseconds pulses of less than 3ps. All these models use the same femtosecond amplifier source.

Quantronix are technology leaders in the supply of CW pumped Q-switched solid-state lasers and ultra-fast lasers for industrial, scientific and commercial applications. For information on either the Palitra Series or the full range of solid-state lasers available from Quantronix please contact Photonic Solutions.

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