12 November 2008

BLM Group leaves a lasting impression at EuroBLECH 2008

BLM Group’s 50-plus years of experience as a global provider of tube processing equipment, with thousands of successful applications worldwide, was thrown into sharp perspective at EuroBLECH 2008 with the first-time showing of the BLM Adige LT 8 Lasertube. This addition to the company’s extensive range of tube laser cutting and profiling systems is a new ‘clean sheet of paper’ design with several innovative features and is available with a choice of up to 3500 W power (as standard) 2D or 3D cutting head.

With a round tube processing capability of 12 mm to 220 mm diameter and a maximum square section capacity of 200 mm by 200 mm, the LT 8 is a large capacity machine capable of the intricate profiling of tube in most metals. Fully programmable, courtesy of the Siemens 840D Solution Line digital numerical control, the LT 8 has two separate raw tube loaders – an automatic one for tube bundles and, on the opposite side of the machine, a single bar automatic loader. This provides total production flexibility and contributes to high performance with the minimum of downtime. There is a range of discharge systems for finished part lengths up to 8.5 m, and the minimum scarp length can be as little as 100 mm.

The LT 8 joins other recent additions to the BLM ADIGE Lasertube range, such as the LT 722D ultra-fast CNC tube laser system and the LT JUMBO. Designed to process large diameter mechanical or structural components ranging in diameter from 75 mm to 508 mm and lengths up to 18 m, the LT JUMBO measures a massive 48 metres long by 20 metres wide and can process mild steel, high strength steels, alloys and stainless steel. As with the LT 8 Lasertube, high volume production as well as low volume work of prototypes can be processed easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

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