12 November 2008

BLM Group UK?s five-day Intube event results in orders worth nearly £1.5 million

margin: 2px 8px 8px 0ptOrders to the value of nearly £1.5 million have been placed with BLM Group UK Ltd, following the recent Intube in-house event held at its Ampthill, Bedfordshire headquarters. This five-day event introduced the new BLM Adige LT 722D Lasertube tube processing system to the UK, building on the success of a similar event earlier this year that highlighted various models of BLM all-electric tube bending and forming machines.

The three latest orders for laser cutting and profiling systems came from SMEs who, says Paul Lake, Managing Director, “have the confidence to invest in high technology products, knowing that their investment can be recovered in terms of reduced labour costs and that their enhanced competitiveness will enable them to increase market share.

“These are tough times but these companies have faced a similar situation in the past and know they will still be in business in 12 months time. They are continuing to invest because they know that in today’s market standing still is not an option.”

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