12 November 2008

£1M Investment

For over 25 years Laser Profiles has provided a laser cutting job shop service to a wide range of customers. Its experienced workforce uses the latest cutting technology and the company has gained a reputation for quality and reliability. These latest laser cutting systems will replace two existing Bystronic Bystar lasers which the company purchased eight years ago and which have produced over 80,000 hours of laser cutting in total.

Ron Black, Laser Profiles general manager comments: “In order to further improve our processing times there was a requirement to replace and update these two existing machines, which have served us incredibly well over the years. We fervently believe that a company has to invest in the latest and the best equipment to attract new customers and to remain competitive, this philosophy is particularly true in today’s climate.

“We have used Bystronic laser cutting systems for many years and have always been happy with the of quality work produced on these two Bystronic laser cutting systems but felt we owed it to ourselves to look at other suppliers before making a final decision. However, Laser Profiles has always believed that the Bystronic laser cutting systems are the best on the market and nothing else we saw convinced us otherwise.”

These two latest machines which are equipped with the more powerful 4.4 kW resonator will provide Laser Profiles with the ability to cut up to 20 mm stainless steel and 25 mm mild steel, currently the company is able to cut up to 15 mm and 20 mm respectively.

Mr Black concludes: “The two existing laser systems are coupled to a Bycell automated materials handling systems which allows us to process up to 30 tonnes of material unmanned in lights-out production. The two new machines will be integrated into this tower systems to further enhance our highly efficient and cost effective laser cutting production process.”

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