19 November 2008

Versatile Synrad CO2 Lasers are a Natural Fit in the Medical Product Industry

Laser marking is a natural choice in the medical device industry, where permanent, traceable, yet sterile marks are essential. CO2 lasers are ideal for marking many of the materials used in the manufacture of medical products - from plastic tubing and implantable devices, to glass vials, steel instruments, and paper packaging.

Synrad CO2 lasers provide a permanent means of identifying products without the use of hazardous inks, chemicals, or other consumables. The flexibility of software-controlled laser marking enables users to change data such as lot codes, date codes, order numbers, and other regulatory data, as frequently as needed.

In addition to marking and coding, Synrad lasers are finding a number of cutting, drilling, and welding applications in the medical product manufacturing industry.

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