20 November 2008

Unequalled speed for complete, scratch-free processing

The new flagship combination machine from Trumpf – the TruMatic 7000 - breaks new ground on many fronts. Its speed exceeds all current expectations for combination processing. In part this is thanks to the incorporation of flying optics and additional axes in X and Y on the cutting head that allows it to travel to position quicker. To maximise this potential the machine also introduces a new ‘decentralized’ controller that combines the high performance IndraMotion MTX with the drive-based IndraMotion MLD motion controller by Bosch Rexroth.

The effect of this new controller is particularly noticeable when the machine is processing detailed parts with complex contours. Whilst the higher level NC control system regulates the workpiece movement, the drive-based motion logic moves the laser head in an additional 52mm radius. The combination significantly increases traverse speed. It also enhances stability enabling the machine to run more smoothly and with less vibration than conventional concepts.

A newly designed beam guidance system on the TruMatic 7000 enables the machine to process sheet metal in a variety of thicknesses using the same cutting head. Head changing is no longer necessary. An automatic nozzle changer also takes care of changing cutting gas nozzles, reducing downtime whilst simultaneously increasing flexibility. The user can cut any material at any time, at any thickness and in any order, even in unmanned 24-hour operation.

The TruMatic 7000 sets new standards in unloading too. Scrap can simply be cut up and disposed of through the laser die, which has a large, 52mm diameter. Additionally, the machine has a new laser flap that considerably shortens part removal time. It can also be lifted by one or two millimetres so that the sheet does not touch the laser die during cutting, eliminating any danger of scratching the underside. Another important contributor to scratch-free processing is the active die which works from the bottom like a second punching head. Built into the work table, its height is adjustable and when the sheet is positioned or moved on the machine it can be lowered under programme control.
The active die also allows higher and larger forming and upward/downward forming in a single step. Another advantage of this feature is that as the sheet lies completely on the table it is possible to process closer to clamps to achieve better material utilisation and reduced scrap.

The automation options on this machine have naturally been enhanced to match the high productivity of the TruMatic 7000. The SheetMaster loading and unloading unit, which integrates easily into the open NC control system, allows the machine to cut and unload up to four parts simultaneously. It is equipped with four moveable suction bars, each one comprising up to 80 vacuum-monitored suction cups that grip the parts before they are separated from the sheet skeleton. The last few millimetres of the cut are carried out with the sheet stationary to increase process reliability for fine geometries.

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