21 November 2008

CUBE- the new laser marking concept from Rofin

Rofin-Baasel has always embraced the philosophy of producing not only laser sources but also wherever possible providing a complete solution. This commitment to practicality and ease of use has resulted in many standard systems and solutions being developed for a wide range of applications and industries. The latest innovation of this kind to be launched by Rofin is the CUBE a highly flexible and configurable system.

Configurable technology for marking
The CUBE is the ideal platform for the integration of the comprehensive range of laser sources such as solid-state, fibre or diode lasers which are available from Rofin-Baasel. Combine this range of laser sources with the array of focussing optics and axes and you have the capability to individually configure the CUBE for a multitude of marking applications. This innovative system is equally at home in a production environment or a research laboratory.

The CUBE laser marking system provides the benefit of non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent marking onto many different types of material with predictable and consistent results. The laser can be used to generate alpha-numeric content, vector or rastered graphics, grey-scale, bar codes or data matrix codes.

Built upon a solid precision milled base, the system guarantees highly accurate and stable work-piece processing. The flexible configuration of the CUBE also provides a number of options in the way in which the system can be used. By adding a galvo scanning head and servo positioning axes, the system can be used to process large parts, or large trays of smaller parts, quickly and precisely. The system also incorporates automatic rise and fall doors, on three sides if required, which enable the system to be automatically loaded and unloaded by a robot as part of an integrated production facility. Equally the CUBE can be used as a stand-alone system which can be easily loaded and unloaded manually via the automatic doors.

Integrated control system
The fully integrated RCU (Rofin Control Unit) takes care of the entire process without the requirement for additional controllers or PLC’s. The RCU controls all of the laser parameters including real-time control of laser pulses and pulse to pulse stability. The motorised axes and the galvo scanning head are also controlled by the Rofin RCU.

The operator interface is via a touch screen (optional), which can be freely positioned to enable comfortable and ergonomic use of the system. This touch screen is used for setting, editing marking layouts and for all control functions of the CUBE.

Laser sources including Rofin’s PowerLine E diode pumped systems or PowerLine F fibre laser can be integrated into the CUBE providing a compact and cost effective solution to virtually all marking applications.

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