24 November 2008

Lantek launches a new business management division in the UK

A surge in demand for ERP solutions in the sheet metal industry has led Lantek to create a dedicated team for its Lantek Expert III ERP software in Spain. It has now replicated the business model in its UK subsidiary, and is pleased to announce that Iain Walsh has been appointed as the UK Commercial Manager for its new Business Management Solutions Division.

Lantek, a worldwide market leader in CAD/CAM systems for the sheet metal sector, used its expertise to develop the Lantek Expert III ERP system. Its motivation was to provide sheet metal companies with a business management system tailored to their specific needs which would provide superior performance when compared to a generic ERP package. The software provides tools for creating highly accurate quotations, managing purchasing and stock levels, monitoring and controlling manufacturing processes, and providing management reports on key performance indicators. Fully integrated into Lantek’s Expert II CAD/CAM system and with links to other office based software packages, Expert III will enable full traceability and will help users to comply with their customer’s delivery schedule requirements. Additionally, it will ensure profitability on each job in a system which is easy to use and requires little customization.

The performance of Expert III has been further enhanced with the release of Version 28. The software includes a host of new features, including capabilities for the management of subcontracted items and an improved quotation tool based on .NET technology.

To support the new Division, Lantek will be providing a dedicated service team within the UK to ensure that customers get the maximum return on their investment. In Spain, there is already a team of 64 professionals specializing in Expert III. Zuriňe Sáenz, Director of ERP Product Solutions said, “As with all of Lantek’s products, Expert III employs the very latest technology and architecture, and is designed to meet the specific needs of our sheet metal users in a competitive global environment. The result is an implementation which will generate real improvements in productivity and quality while making savings in both cost and time and produce a significantly better return on investment and a lower total cost of ownership than a generic ERP system.” Iain Walsh is very enthusiastic about the opportunities within the UK. “We have had tremendous success with our CAD/CAM software, Lantek Expert II, but our customers are now looking for integrated solutions, dedicated to the fabrication industry, which will help them to improve the efficiency of their business processes. Lantek’s in depth knowledge and years of experience in this sector has enabled it to tailor Expert III to meet these demands in a system which is both easy to use and implement. In today’s economic climate, improvements in administration, reporting and manufacturing management can lead to a significant competitive edge.”

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