4 December 2008

Newport Announces New Optics for Ultrafast Laser Applications

Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in lasers and photonic solutions, today announced two latest additions to its industry-leading family of ultrafast optics. The first new product family is circular variable neutral density (ND) filters with a metallic coating on a 2 millimeter substrate, and the second is low group velocity dispersion (GVD) 50\50 ultrafast beamsplitters for P Polarized light.

“We are very excited to unveil our new circular variable ND filters with a metallic coating on a 2 mm substrate,” said Keshav Kumar, Product Line Manager for Newport. “These new filters feature lower thickness of the substrate material, which is idea for use with short pulses. In addition, they are available in multiple sizes, which helps our customers overcome any space constraints in their experimental or instrument design. Finally, the multiple variations in optical density allow a researcher to better control the intensity variations in a wide range of needs. As a result, we believe that these new circular variable ND are an excellent choice for a wide range of ultrafast laser applications such as multiphoton microscopy and ultrafast spectroscopy.”

Kumar continued, “We are also pleased to introduce our new low GVD ultrafast beamsplitters. These beamsplitters are critical for many ultrafast applications such as ultrafast spectroscopy because our customers can now easily split a femtosecond pulse with minimal broadening effect, thus ensuring better results from their ultrafast experiment.”

New Circular Variable ND Filters
Newport’s circular variable neutral density filters are designed to attenuate the wide spectrum of low energy laser light from UV to near IR wavelength. Their optical density gradient varies from 0–1.0, 0-2.0 and 0-4.0 around a by simply rotating the filter from 0 to 360 degrees. Fused silica substrate for these ND filters allows the transparency from 200-2000 nm range. The linear change in optical density is achieved by fine Inconel coating that allows the controlled linear attenuation of light beam in the designated optical density range for wide spectrum of light. The second surface of this filter is coated with a broadband visible antireflection coating to minimize the reflective loss from the second surface.

Newport’s new circular variable ND filters with metallic coating on a 2 mm substrate are available today.

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