9 December 2008

Aerotech?s Ensemble? motion controller range now available for EPICS

Aerotech’s Ensemble™ Epaq and CP/MP/CL series motion controllers now feature full compatibility with the EPICS open source control system.

EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System) is used worldwide as a distributed soft real-time control system for leading light source (synchrotron) facilities, telescope projects and other large scientific experiments across the global research community.

The new Ensemble series device driver for EPICS provides closely coordinated control for up to 10 axes of high precision motion and associated I/O, with a choice of open loop stepper or closed loop brushed and brushless servo motors in standalone or rack-mount packages.

EPICS compatibility also permits straightforward access to Aerotech’s wide range of medium to ultra-high precision positioning systems. The range includes direct-drive linear and rotary nano-positioners, linear motor gantry systems, ballscrew driven linear stages and worm-wheel driven rotary stages. With both air bearing and mechanical bearing technologies used, positioning systems are supplied as standard components with motion controls or delivered as custom engineered solutions complete with machine base and cable management. Aerotech is a specialist in cleanroom and vacuum compatible positioning systems.

Aerotech’s Ensemble range covers the Epaq - a bench or 19 inch rack mount multi-axis solution, and the CP, MP and CL single-axis intelligent drive range. Ensemble uses high speed multitasking software and fully deterministic real-time networking between each axis to provide tightly synchronised motion and machine I/O control with microsecond level timing.

The Ensemble series is easily adapted to its application with a wide choice of stepper, brushed and brushless servo drives using high performance PWM or ultra-low noise Linear technology amplifiers. Drive ratings up to 30 Amps are available through the range with higher power versions planned for the future.

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