19 December 2008

Prima North America, Inc. announces sale of Laserdyne® 795 System to IPG Photonics

Prima North America, the world leader in precision multi-axis laser machining systems, announced the sale of a Laserdyne 795 XS to IPG Photonics Corporation of Oxford, Massachusetts.

IPG Photonics is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers for industrial processing applications. The new Laserdyne system will be configured so as to be able to deliver a variety of IPG Photonics fiber lasers. This “first of its kind” system will be used in the North American applications laboratory for development of 2D and 3D laser cutting and welding processes.

Terry L. VanderWert, President of Prima North America, said the Laserdyne system installation at IPG Photonics represents a new partnership that will further the technology of both companies, broaden the Laserdyne product offering, and enhance IPG Photonics’ ability to perform laser materials processing development with high power fiber lasers.

“We are excited about this partnership because IPG Photonics will be utilizing the latest Laserdyne hardware and software features integrated with their latest high power fiber lasers,” Mr. VanderWert reported. “This approach will no doubt yield new achievements in laser processing and speed. An area of interest for both companies is aerospace welding applications where there is an opportunity to combine the motion and process control capability associated with Laserdyne with the beam quality and control of fiber lasers to create welding processes that meet the demanding requirements of aerospace designers and manufacturers.“

IPG Photonics’ new 795 XS is a six axis system and has Laserdyne’s latest and most powerful controller, the S94P. The system includes a full complement of Laserdyne’s hardware and software features.

Commenting on the new partnership arrangement, William Shiner, Director of Market Development for IPG Photonics said, “This is the right time to embark on this new partnership with Laserdyne. The aerospace industry in particular is eager to investigate the promise of fiber lasers. Laserdyne has a long and successful history serving the aerospace industry and developing breakthrough hardware and software for 3D applications. With our leading edge fiber lasers, together we can increase the applications of lasers.”

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